Shakirah's Mission:
To create self-care products making them accessible for all. While creating a safe space for Black mothers to receive mental health awareness and support without feeling stigmatized while also removing the stigma of living with mental illness.

About Shakirah

Shakirah is a single mother of one who lives in Georgia with her older sister and son. She is a self-care coach who is real about helping others live a mentally and emotionally healthy life. She believes that living with mental illness or dealing with everyday moments should be faced with support, love, compassion, and positivity.  
Shakirah is a firm believer that people are not broken, weak, or incapable of changing their own life. She is a guide in helping others to find their own strength to heal from within and love and care for who they are. 

What is the difference between a self-care coach and a counselor? 
In short, the most significant difference between a self-care coach and a counselor are focus, diagnosing, and licensing. As a self-care coach, I am not, nor do I pretend to be licensed in counseling. I also do not diagnose or assess for mental health issues. If you feel so inclined to take a self-assessment talk with your doctor and or mental health adviser about the results, I will not use any self-assessments or others to diagnose or treat mental illness. I also do not focus on the past; that is what counseling addresses.  For more answers to common questions check out our FAQ page. 

If you are the type of person who reads self-help books, saves affirmations, wants to make a positive change in their life, and focuses on the moment and future. I am here to help. If you are diagnosed and in counseling and find that you cannot stick the assignments and homework through, I am here to help; I am here to hold you accountable so you can change your life. Two weeks at a time, we will tackle small goals leading to bigger goals. It is through these small two-week goals you will build new habits and confidence to change your life.

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