Radical Self-Love: Word for 2022

Sunday, March 13, 2022

I have not set a word of the year since COVID disrupted the daily functioning of life. This is because I am slow to adjust to change, and a lot of change has been happening, I had decided that just making it through and not growing or evolving anything unnecessarily was what was best for me. It has, in a sense, I felt saved off many of the mental health declines I saw at the end of 2021. However, this year I have decided to pick a word of the year (more like a statement), which is radical self-love. 

Radical self-love is coming to terms with who one is completely. A journey into radical self-love is like self-care what it means and looks like is different to everyone. My journey will primarily focus on acceptance and self-compassion. 

2021 brought to light (in my eyes) a lot of my shortcomings, some of which I am fighting against even though I cannot change them. So the goal this year will be to learn to love or, at the very least, accept what I may not like.

I have chosen to take a flaw a month and focus on that (I am a planner). Doing this will allow me some control in my journey. Although I have not chosen the whole year, I have decided to start with the first half of the year and then re-evaluate at the end of June.

January - Eating Disorder

February - Reading/Language Disorder

March - Nightmares 

April - Noah Growing

May - Privet 

June - Forgiveness of Self

I have decided to make a charm bracelet and add a charm each time I accomplish my goal for the month over the next year. Some months are likely to be easier than others, and I am going into this with compassion. It is okay if I have to repeat or extend some months. 

What are your goals for the year, and how are they going?

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