Week of Self-Care in Review (II)

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

 Every Wednesday, I am going to post about my self-care from the week before. I am doing this for two reasons. 1) I need to get back into writing for the blog. 2) Hopefully give you ideas on what you can do for self-care. 

Emotional Self-Care

Mental Health Help

I had my counseling session over the weekend. I have counseling every two to three weeks, and they have been amazing. I will be writing down areas I want to work on so I can remember to bring them up in counseling. 

Following topics I want to cover: 


Possible body image issues. 

Spiritual Self-Care


I have not done this every day, and it was just twice, but I am trying to start slow. I am wondering if yoga will ever fit in my life like it used to. I would love to move somewhere were there is a nice walking trail I think walking is something that I enjoy more. 

Personal Self-Care

Try new things.

I went to the Van Gogh immersive experience here in Atlanta, and it was AMAZING. I am a big fan of Van Gogh and the complexity of his mind. I had a great time, and it brought out so many emotions. 

Van Gogh Starry Night

Physical Self-Care


My sleeping has been off due to nightmares, so I have been letting myself take naps. I am giving myself more compassion because I cannot control my sleep, and I am going through a rough patch. 


Space Self-Care


I am organizing and getting rid of items in the home. I am trying to make the house more efficient in what are changing needs. I do this a few times a year, but I have been moving a lot slower this year, but I am sure I will still get things done. 

Social Self-Care


I went on dates (with a guy and Noah). I find getting out of the house is doing great for me feeling like I am staying social. I have noticed some distress as far as getting overstimulated. However, the pros have outweighed the cons of going out. I will try and find a better balance between calm activities and those that overstimulate me.

Noah and I

Work Self-Care



Not wanting to talk about this right now, but I will update in another post. 

Financial Self-Care

Paying bills

I am grateful to have my bills paid; I think we can take the ability to pay bills for granted.

What did you do this week for self-care? 

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