End of Year Journal Prompts: Question 2

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Yesterday I wrote about my small wins, and while I enjoyed that post. I enjoyed today's meditation and journaling. While there was one central question that we were answering, Mel (Shine speaker) asked many questions to get the brain thinking. I enjoyed that as it allowed me to focus on my answers in a more specific way. Today's question is: What did you learn you need this year?

What did I learn my body needed this year?

My body needed rest time and to not always be on the go. It needs more time to let go of stress and anxiety than it did in the past, and it requires a balance of eating time and fasting time. 

What did I learn I needed from my community?

To be supported even at my worst and for my value is not associated with my ability to get it all done. 

What did I learn they need from me?

To feel appreciated for the things they do and to ask for help when I need it. 

What do I need from myself?

Change, I need consistency where I can get it, but I also need to start pushing myself outside of my comfort zone to be okay with some change in myself and my environment.

Self-care, I should not let my self-care fall to the back burner because I feel more important things are happening (like school). I am not my best self when I am tired and burned out. 

Self-compassion, I need to allow myself to make mistakes, and it is not the end of the world. We all make mistakes, and I forgive others, but I need to find that same forgiveness in myself. 

Mantra: I am learning what I need!

I enjoyed today's reflection question, and I feel like I need to ask myself these every few months. Go through each question and ask yourself what did you learn you needed this year?

Remember you have the control, power, and strength to heal from within.

Love Shakirah

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