End of Year Journal Prompts: Question 1

Monday, December 28, 2020

I use an app called Shine, and we are ending the year with self-reflection questions. I thought leading up to the new year. I would share my answers to these questions. Today's question is: What were your small wins? My big wins are in bold, and my small wins that are related are listed below.

I got into a Ph.D. program.

Write essays without looking for perfection.

I asked for help when I needed it.

Learned to take the time when needed to do nothing. 

I spent more time doing things.

I did more crafts with Noah.

I did more coloring and calming task for myself. 

I tried new things. 

Meet New People

Let someone help me.

Let someone get to know Noah.

I Felt supported (outside of family).

I put my health first.

I took off of work when not feeling well.

I went to the doctor and thoughtless about the cost. 

I got a new counselor. 

I started to face my reading disorder.

I talked with my school admins and instructors about what I am going through.

I have a plan to talk with my doctor.

Found what apps and books help support me in school.

I enjoyed this question. It is so easy to overlook the small decision we make that are wins. Deciding to go out more and study less was a small decision that significantly impacted my mental health, and I am grateful for that. What are some of your small wins? 

Remember you have the control, power, and strength to heal from within.

Love Shakirah

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