K is Missed (3rd Anniversary)

Tuesday, October 27, 2020


When this post goes live it will be the 3rd anniversary of my roommate's murder. This year has been filled with growth, pain, grief, and change. For years (two), I have been saying how I would post about what happened that night, but I will not be posting on the blog. I am honored and thrilled to say my essay on the topic was chosen for publication to showcase minority students' lives. I am very excited about this step and was not sure I would be picked but went for it anyway. I feel like this is a reflection of how my roommate viewed me. He always saw me as the one who would go out and get it. I wanted to mark this day by stating my roommate used to tell me, " I could see you being a doctor." I find that so funny now because I always laughed when he said that, and here I am now going after a Ph.D. 

K and I took Noah to the movies for the first time. We had a lot of fun but Noah was literally climbing over chairs and making so much noise. 

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