Pyramid of Self-Care

Sunday, August 9, 2020

I have noticed in my privet sessions that many women seeking to add self-care to their daily lives think of an activity that others can see, i.e., getting your nails done. However, the most beneficial forms of self-care are not something people can always see but something you can feel. I use the pyramid of self-care to help my clients understand and prioritize what actions they may need to take to better themselves and start their self-care journey. The best way to think of root self-care and surface self-care is that surface-self-care is used to support root self-care. 

Root Self-Care

I liken the self-care we do that changes our lives to root self-care. These are activities that have long-lasting impacts on our mental, emotional, and physical health. These are small things you practice every day to build a strong foundation for self-care. 

Root Self-Care Ideas:

Routines (Morning & Night)
Challenging Negative Thoughts

Surface Self-Care 

Surface self-care is just as essential. Do not get me wrong, but trying to fix low self-esteem through getting your nails done does not have the same impact as challenging negative thoughts you have about yourself. Pairing getting your nails done along with challenging negative thoughts is a powerful thing. Surface self-care are things you do to reinforce your self-care foundation.

Surface Self-Care Ideas:

Getting Nails Done
Hair Done
Meal Plan

To help you get to the root-self care  I am hosting a free challenge for the month of August. I want you to be involved so I am hosting a poll on what you want.

Themes to choose from:

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Remember you have the control, power, and strength to heal from within.

Love Shakirah

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