Eight Self-Care Ideas to do With Children

Sunday, May 10, 2020

For many of us there is no way of getting that alone time we all want, but there is a way to start taking care of yourself while also building a bond with your children. Practicing self-care while also being with children is something I learned while working in the classroom. Early child care teachers tend to have high burnout rates so they tell us to do something that calms us or brings us joy in the classroom. I want you to take that same idea and bring it into your home. Here are eight things you can do with your children to practice self-care.

Practice self-care while also building a bond with your children.

First, know the key to making this work is being easy on yourself. If you have anxiety or depression sometimes this can be hard but with practice it becomes easier. 

Practice self-care while also building a bond with your children.
Practice self-care while also building a bond with your children.

1) Arts and Crafts

If you like to paint, do it with your child or try a new craft together like potty. Crafts allow our creativity flow and can be very relaxing. Do not pick a craft you will have to help your child with or will bother your anxiety. 

2) Walk, hike, or bike ride

The key to doing this with kids is to keep them entertained, in an effortless way. You don't want to feel stressed while exercising. So doing things like a scavenger hunt or not stepping on cracks (kept my son busy for 45 minutes). A walking activity can not only make the time fly but keep the mood light and everyone having fun.

3) Clean

I know you think I already do this, but do it with your children. It not only teaches them that you are not the only one responsible for the cleanliness of the space, but it can reduce anxiety to be in a clean space. If you have young children, try placing pictures where toys should go so they can clean with less help from you and feel like they did a good job. 

4) Movie night!

Noah and I do this nearly every Sunday. We eat pizza, eat cookies or candy, and watch a movie. We take turns picking movies, and I just love it. 

5) Order dinner

Get some dinner out and give yourself a break. I order dinner a few times a month, or I order a pre-cooked meal from my local store. You do not necessarily order dinner; you just don't cook it. Enjoy a meal that you did not have to cook. Make this a regular thing (I do this a few times a month), if you have older children, let them cook.

6) Bake/Cook

Cook dinner and bake together. Pre-measure your items to make things easier for you and the children. Have fun, and don't worry about anything being perfect. I will link some friendly children's recipes. 

Texas Toast Garlic Bread Pizza

Homemade Cherry Icee

Under the Sea Graham Crackers

Gummy Bear Coconut Ice Pops

7) Meditate 

I know this sounds crazy, but this is a habit that is great to grow in children young, and an excellent way for you to get a break. 

1 Minute Kids Meditation 

3 Minute Body Scan for Kids

New Horizon: Kids Meditation & Sleep Stories (App)

8) Family time (mom gets to pick the activity).

I love doing this. You can pick whatever you want. I do this with Noah often, and we have done some fun things like museums and hiking. Things that my son would otherwise not do. 

You have the control,  power, and strength to heal from within. Love Shakirah

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