8 Types of Self-Care You Need to Know

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Eight types of self-care.

I was surprised when I first found out there are eight types of self-care. Self-care takes on many forms in many different aspects of our lives. Hopefully, this post will give you a name and some ideas of how to practice self-care in many parts of your life. 

8 Types of Self-Care

Emotional Self-Care

Joy (Do what bring you joy and do not fall for toxic positivity.)

Forgiveness (for yourself and others)

Mental Health Help (if needed)

Emotional Self-Awareness

Kindness (to yourself and others.)

Spiritual Self-Care





Activities that bring you closer to your spiritual world.

Personal Self-Care



Learning to say no (do what makes you happy).

Learn about yourself.

Try new things. 

Physical Self-Care


Eating Healthy 


Rest your body when needed. 

Create a space of love for your body.

Space Self-Care



Safe space


Brings you joy (Marie Kondo)

Social Self-Care

Having boundaries 

Healthy Communication

Healthy Listening

Maintain a healthy social life

Healthy social media

Work Self-Care

Work boundaries 

Healthy work environment

Positive work relationship

Learning new skills or education 

Take breaks

Financial Self-Care

Spending wisely 


Paying bills

Save Money

Create a healthy money mindset.

Self-care takes on many forms in many different aspects of our lives. Here are the eight types of self-care.

You have the control,  power, and strength to heal from within. Love Shakirah

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